Month: September 2019

What’s Wrong With My A/C?

When it’s hot outside, a non-working A/C unit is the last problem you want to endure. Yet, for many people, this is a complaint they deal with on seemingly the hottest, most humid days of summer. When A/C issues strike, you want to know right away what is causing the trouble and you want it repaired fast. Sweltering inside the home is no one’s idea of fun.

Common Causes of A/C Trouble

A/C units work hard to cool the home. Parts and components breakdown and wear out as a result. There are many things that may cause the A/C to malfunction. What are some of the most common causes of A/C trouble?

·    A/C Leaks: For many people, it is a leaking A/C unit that causes them trouble. There are numerous reasons why an A/C may leak. Take a look inside and outside the unit to learn if this is an issue at your home.

·    Filters: A dirty A/C filter can cause massive problems with the A/C. Prevent the issue by changing it out once per month or as recommended in the unit’s owner’s manual.

·    No Cold Air: When you walk into the house and it’s warm or hot, your mood instantly changes to frustration. You expect to come inside to cool off so when that doesn’t happen, you are left wondering. A lack of refrigerant or broken lines can cause this problem.

·    Off/On: When the A/C turns off and on without any help, it is frustrating without a question. Like the other issues that affect the unit, there are many reasons why the AC turns on and off, of which the professionals can determine after an inspection.

The issues above are among the many that may cause your A/C to breakdown. Of course, there are tons of other issues that may also cause worry and concern that you should not ignore. When the A/C doesn’t work the way that it should, call out a professional at once. Call a repairman at the first sign of trouble to prevent further mishaps and concerns.

cool off AC turns on and off

Don’t Attempt a DIY Repair

If you aren’t skilled in A/C repair, you shouldn’t attempt to make your own repairs when problems occur. This may result in more complications and costs, as well as a lot of frustration. Professionals have the tools, time, skills, and experience to make repairs no matter what issue affects the A/C. Leave the hard work to them and make sure you get your cool temps back again fast.

A/C Repair Costs

How much is it going to cost to make the repair? It all depends on the cause of the trouble, the severity of the problem, the company chosen for repair, and other similar issues. Before you hire anyone to come to make an A/C repair, compare the companies first. The more that you compare, the easier it is to find a great company who offers great prices for the repair service that you need.

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