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5 Signs of a Water Leak

If there is a water leak in the home, recognize the signs and don’t wait to reach out to a professional to get a fast, efficient repair. Water leaks are dangerous for many reasons. They risk rotting the wood in the home, bringing in termites, and causing mold and mildew damage, among other problems. What are the signs of a water leak? Five of the many signs are below.

1.    Running Water: If you notice water running through the pipes, there is probable cause that a leak is also present within the plumbing. Call a plumber at once.

2.    High Water Bills: If you notice that your water balls are getting more expensive, yet your water usage hasn’t increased, maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t ignore.  High water usage Jacksonville FL is a reason to call a professional plumber.

High water usage Jacksonville FL

3.    You Spot the Leak: The most obvious sign of a plumbing leak is actually spotting a leak. It’s not unusual to see a leak, whether it’s causing puddles of water on the floor or annoying noises.

4.    Damaged Interior: Notice cracking, chipping paint around the baseboard of the home? It could be related to nothing more than old age, but it can also signal that you have a leak within the underground pipes that shouldn’t be ignored.

5.    Wet Spots: If you notice wet areas in the walls, floors, or other areas, this can be caused by plumbing leaks. Call out a plumber if you notice these spots and they’ll investigate the problem to get to the root of the trouble.

There are many signs of a water leak that shouldn’t be ignored. The 5 signs above are among those signs. Do not ignore signs of a leak and cause headaches and damage around the home when is easy to get a plumber on the job.

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