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Top Tips For Creating Unique Landscapes Your Neighbors Will Cry Over

Designing an eye catching landscape is both talent and art.  Finding a unique element to design a space over is the sign of a good designer.  Finding an element and creating a functional as well as a beautiful space around it is the sign of an amazing landscaper.

Landscape design West Nyack NY takes a lot of time and talent.  The designer needs to know about plants, animals, weather patterns, use patterns and so much more.  What a good designer knows will only come through after years of practice.  However, if you don’t have years to learn, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to create a unique space in your home.

Bring the indoors out

The first component to a functional space is a place to sit and enjoy your creation.  Using indoor elements such as lighting, furniture and color will make your space functional and inviting.

Create a gathering spot

Landscape design West Nyack NY

When creating your yard you want to pick a specific place to be your communal area.  This is where people will sit and enjoy a warn summer evening or just a place to drink their morning coffee.  When designing this spot it should have a panoramic view of the entire yard as well as be functional for a group of people.

Work in groups and patches

When designing your landscape work in groups and patches.  This will be focal points in your yard.  For example a large bush surrounded by flowers and maybe a rock wall.  Another thing you can do is add water elements to the yard.  Here you can have a small pond with some fish, a fountain, bird bath or something to that effect.  Adding water elements to the yard will tie everything together.

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