Keeping The Natural Look And Feel Of A Wood Cabin

Having a log or wood cabin in the woods is a great way to connect with nature.  Out in the woods you want to hear the animals rustling, ear the babbling brooks babble, and live in a place that makes you feel you are outside protected by a home. 

When constructing your cabin you want to make sure it still fits with nature.  This is why many cabin homes aren’t painted but rather stained.  When cabin staining truckee ca, there are a few things that you want to do to ensure that your house looks good and that the stain job brings out the beauty of the wood.

The color

When staining wood people will tend to pick darker colors.  This may be okay in some instances but not for a cabin.  When using stain on your cabin the goal is to accent the wood not cover it up.  The objective I to accent the grains of the wood, give it a warm and inviting tone and then protect the wood from rot and decay.

The weather

When staining your cabin you want to take into consideration the weather.  The weather will push your stain job to the next level.  Gusting winds, snow, rain, and the beating heat of the sun will try to weather your wood and damage your stain.  This is why when choosing a stain you want to find one that will seal and protect the wood as well.

Take your time

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When staining your wood you want to take your time.  Wood is porous and as such will soak up the stain.  This will require you to go slow and ensure that all the areas are covered.  You may also have to go over the same areas of the wood more than once.  This can eat up a lot of time and materials.

The objective of staining your cabin over paint is to help protect the wood and to keep its natural beauty.